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Welcome to Plantober! - NanoWriMo

Hey everyone just here to help any new or even vet writers in quest for their Plantobers to get ready for NanoWriMo.

But don't have extra money for websites like scrivener and wished for everything to be free!

So look no further here are some free! PC friendly no money or download needed websites you need to get started!

Just for writing that's why the page is blank.

Need some Ambiance to get in a writing mood look no further and it's free!

Don't worry this is free too this is your planner for your books.

Writing Editor completely free just delete the words that already exist on there and paste your script and it will show you what is wrong.

Completely writing editor it's free and it has a PC free no download version so make sure when you sign up just choose that option.

This a free blog posting site I don't really know much but it's free so yay!

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Hey, thanks for posting these! I'll be sure to link to them in our official NaNoWriMo thread, which will be posted later this week. 🙂

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Hey everyone!!!

I just found a website that is great for plan writing and other creative endeavors. Like art or animation and just like Campfire it has a free plan and you can refer people to get more free room without having to pay!!!

So you guys know how it is.... If you guys want to sign up plz use my referral code so I don't have to pay!! 🥹

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