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Challenge 54: Severus Snape and Remus Lupin

Welcome to the Always Snape Weekly Writing Challenges! Each of these challenges (41-60) will feature two characters and a random prompt. A different prompt will be generated every time you visit this thread, so don't forget to copy/save any prompts you plan to respond to!

Severus Snape and Remus Lupin find the Mirror of Erised.

NOTE: While you can refresh the page if you dislike the prompt, I encourage you not to do so. The point of these challenges is to (you guessed it) challenge ourselves. What better way to do that than to write something that's completely out of our comfort zone? 😉


  1. There are no word count limits. You may respond with a drabble, a one-shot, or even a multi-chapter story.
  2. Please start a thread in our story archive titled "Username's Challenge Responses". You can include all your responses in this thread (either full text or a link to AO3/FFN is fine).
  3. Please include the following info in your responses:


If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment below. Happy writing!

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