Snape Fan Spotlight: Giosnape

For this week’s spotlight, we’ll be highlighting Giorgia, fanfiction writer, art lover, educator, andand active member of our community here at Always Snape. Read on to learn more about Giorgia, and be sure to check the note at the bottom of the post if you’d like to be featured in your own spotlight!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am Giorgia, a 34-year-old woman and mom of a beautiful little girl named Chiara who is 4 years old and fills my heart and my days. I live in the beautiful eternal city of Rome with a passion for art that runs in my DNA. I majored in art history and specialized in Caravaggio, an enlightened artist of the early seventeenth century who twisted the concept of the Sacred in art by paying attention to realism and the use of chiaroscuro. I also participated in several archaeological excavations. I still remember the smell of the earth and dust, the thrill and excitement of discovering an ancient artifact, an experience that was as mystical as it was incredible.

After this interesting and compelling journey, I devoted myself to my second passion, which is teaching. I was a kindergarten teacher and later specialized in Pedagogy. These days, I teach “Early Intervention” at a local university, which provides valuable support for the teaching of children with cognitive behavioral difficulties.

I am also a Ministry mandated Health City Manager who organizes trainings, webinars and articles.

I devote my free time to reading, my daughter, watching movies, and listening to music.

How did you discover Snape? What was it that first drew you to him?

I started reading Harry Potter at the age of 10 when most of the books had not yet been released. The Wizarding World turned my life upside down, and after 23 years, I am still here loving Severus and the world around him. I was a little girl who felt different because of her sexual orientation (I am bisexual) and from Severus’s very first line, I felt that I’d found a kindred soul, an outsider like me. I was still too young to fully understand those feelings, but as time passed and the story progressed, I fell more and more in love with his mysterious and multifaceted character. In him, I found a confidant, a friend, a shoulder to cry on in difficult times and times of depression. He never abandoned me. I owe much to him and to the woman I have become.

What I appreciate most about Severus is his courage, extreme intelligence, and sarcasm, qualities I have always loved in others. Severus is my hero with more flaws than merits, and for that very reason, I adore him. He is now an integral part of my life and one of my staples. I will continue the path of my life always looking for his hand to feel less lonely.

What do you enjoy most about the Snape fandom?

I have found real friends and wonderful people. I will thank Severus for introducing me to such special people even though we live on other continents. Our passion for our beloved Severus unites us in amazing ways. I also love the interesting and enjoyable conversations I can engage in with other users. It is a really warm environment and most of all respectful of all opinions!

You said you wanted to talk about your “vision about Snape”. What did you mean by that?

Oh yes.

I love every aspect of Severus, even his darker side. As Rowling says, he’s a gray hero, not the classic type without flaws and coming. He is a real and beautifully human character w8ose unresolved traumas have led him down tortuous paths. His courage, deep devotion to the cause, and loyalty are incredible qualities. I’m sorry that the Wizarding world never fully recognized his extreme intelligence, including his countless achievements in the field of potions and spells. Severus is a character to appreciate, love, and care for. I am honored to be part of Snapedom! As I always say, Severus is for true connoisseurs like a good fine wine.

Can you tell us more about your fanfiction? How long have you been writing Snape, and what are your favorite tropes and pairings?

I have been writing fanfiction for years for the Italian fandom, but due to the narrow visions, I preferred to change the “air” and write in English. In recent months I have dusted off my writing and I am happy to have had some success. I am very self-critical and I always like to challenge myself. Some time ago I even wrote a Snucius with a wonderful author and dear friend, sevsnapes. It was a beautiful creative experience, a meeting of souls and fantasy!

Mainly I write Severus x Reader and when I’m particularly inspired also Snucius or Severus x Lucius x Reader!

Often my stories are accompanied by specially commissioned fanart, I like to help the Snapedom artists. I think it is important to encourage art!

If you had to choose one of your stories for new readers to check out, which would it be?

Oh good question.

My Snucius written together with my friend-sevsnapes: ad Infinitum.

My latest Severus x Reader story: The Clash.

A smut Severus x Reader: The Last Chance.

And a Severus x Reader x Lucius smut: Revelations.

How can other fans connect with you?



Always Snape

Severus and Me
Drawing by the talented MadFantasy

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Lovely, Giorgia! <3 xx

Really good featured interview, Giorgia and I like your dedication to Snapedom. You are a treasure for our community and we love having you among us. 😺

Thank you so much for the comments 🖤
I am blushing 🥰 actually it is Snapedom that is a priceless treasure and I am proud to be a part of it 💚

Dark Angel

You’re most probably one of the most loyal Snape fans around here!
Most kids were afraid of him but with you it seems to have been love at first sight.
And in real life you definitely seem like a very interesting person. I visited Rome in 2016 and gosh it’s so beautiful. I love old buildings and it was just the perfect place for me. I’m quite jealous of you now, haha!

Yes I know, in Snapedom I am part of the loyalists😂🥰💚
Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by mysterious men or women ☺️😏
Oh Rome, my beloved city exudes history and beauty in every corner or alley 🥰
Thank you for your compliments and kindness 🥰

Great interview, Giorgia! I completely agree with you about Snape’s underestimated intelligence in the Wizarding World. My favourite example of this is the fact that he was ahead of his professors in Potions to the point where he could correct their work. (Also, Rome is magnificent. I hope to visit in the future! Your jobs sound fascinating!)

Thank you very much for your sweet words 🥰🥰❤️