Snape Fan Spotlight: SanctuaryAngel

For this week’s spotlight, we’ll be highlighting SanctuaryAngel, prolific fanfiction writer, artist, and active member of our community here at Always Snape. Read on to learn more about SanctuaryAngel, and be sure to check the note at the bottom of the post if you’d like to be featured in your own spotlight!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Michelle, a 33F from Australia, and I work as a nurse in the biggest hospital in the southern hemisphere. It’s a career that I deeply enjoy, no matter the challenges we face on a daily basis. We care for people at their worst, even those at their end of their life, and I am humbled to be a part of their journey.

When I’m not working, I like to spend my downtime writing, reading, drawing, or gaming. I love to bake, travel the world, and geeking out at pop culture conventions whenever I have time off. I do have a side passion of SFX make-up, which I love to experiment with in all of my gory, horror creations, and sometimes I become involved in the passion projects of my friends within the film industry.

I am very much an introvert (INFJ-T) who thrives in quiet settings, with an empathic nature dedicated to understanding others on a deeper level. I am very passionate in my beliefs, but I am never afraid to be the one to stand up when others won’t.

How did you discover Snape? What was it that first drew you to him?

Severus has always been a favorite of mine since the very first book, shortly after its release. He was always the character I was most curious about, and I found him rather hilarious even in my youth. I knew he wasn’t the villain even before the reveal, despite it initially being a children’s story. And once it was discovered in PS that he was protecting Harry all along, I just knew his story would be the one I’d be most excited to follow.

What do you enjoy most about the Snape fandom?

Being able to convene with those who share the same thoughts, opinions, and rationality with a character that has united us all. Not to mention the beautiful fan services that we are constantly blessed with – art, fanfiction, fan created merchandise, and fan fests where we can collectively celebrate our admiration for our beloved dungeon bat.

Can you tell us more about your fanfiction? What inspired you to start writing, and what are your favorite Snape related tropes and pairings?

I started writing fanfiction when I was about 15/16, when I was introduced to the concept of fanfiction during my Charmed obsession. I didn’t often publish them and simply wrote them for my own enjoyment, though I did once write (but never finished) a Charmed/HP crossover! *winces* I don’t recall writing anything HP-related except for forum-based RPGs that I was involved in for about 8 years. I didn’t truly start writing HP and publishing that work until lockdown in 2020 – wild times!

Favorite tropes: Found family, slow burn romance, angst, hurt/comfort, ‘forced together’, fated love, enemies to friends to lovers, whump.

Favorite pairings: The one that brings me the most comfort is Severitus (Severus & Harry father/son-like relationship, but I prefer non-bio) because it’s so wholesome, and Severus x my OC (Dawn) because they melt my heart. I don’t ship fanon ships involving Severus (unpopular, I know), though I do love platonic ships.

What, if anything, has surprised you about writing Snape? What aspects of his character do you find most challenging?

Just how much his trauma has shaped so much of his personality.

I’m no psychologist but I work closely with them, and trauma-based reactions have always been something I love to delve into with Severus because his behavior is so very real and relatable. When you dig deep enough, you find that his reaction/behavior to certain people makes sense when you understand his past and upbringing, and the visceral outbursts he has in adulthood in relation to that. That makes him very human, and there has always been a familiarity with him and the bitterness that remains so ingrained within him from a life that has never been kind to him. That aspect of Severus’ behavior goes straight to my heart, because it feels so real. He is a turbulent man who goes through such extreme emotions, and finding that balance between that and his subdued side is part of the challenge. He is a walking contradiction, and that is fun to explore.

If you had to recommend three of your stories to new readers, which would they be and why?

The two stories that are my biggest projects are together in a series:

Whatever It Takes: A dark, post-War Severitus taking place directly after the Battle of Hogwarts. Completed with 445K words, it focuses on the slowly developed camaraderie, reconciliation, trust and a newfound connection between Severus and Harry, whilst battling their own personal demons and trauma from the war. Together, they dedicate themselves to eradicating the last of the Death Eaters, whilst also dealing with Severus’ curse inflicted by Nagini. This story does not shy away from the dark side of mental health, with themes that are listed in its tags. Death, survivor’s guilt and remorse are important theme.

Light of Mine: A direct sequel that takes place 4 years after the events of the first fic. A current WIP, tallying 342K words already, dealing with the repercussions. Severitus is still prominent, with a focus on Severus and Harry’s evolving familial relationship, but also properly introduces my OC, Dawn, who is an Auror who has been teaching DADA since the War’s end. Begrudgingly, Severus faces having to work with someone previously tasked to reign him in as fugitive from the first fic, but realizing that her unexpected kindness towards him is not a ruse, a friendship forms, and…well, you know how it goes. This story has a very dark, mysterious plot woven in, with additional mental health themes of addiction and anxiety disorders, along with some family fluff and hope as we enter a timeline of a new generation.

The rest of my completed stories are oneshots, but I do have an additional WIP which is, unfortunately, a very slow project of mine as I focus on completing Light of Mine, which is a young, DarkSnape fic called The Serpent’s Dice.

How can other fans connect with you?

My handle is essentially the same on all my social media, except for Quora, but you can find me on:




Always Snape


Art by SanctuaryAngel (Snape/Dawn)

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Nice to see SanctuaryAngel’s interview and her original art. You are awesome and so are your fics. 😺


Thank you so much for the support and the opportunity!!! <3333

Congratulations on your interesting analysis my dear friend 💚🥰 however I would also be interested in participating in the Snape fan Spotlight💚

Dark Angel

I didn’t know you could draw as well! You definitely seem very talented and I’m incredibly impressed that you had the time to start a writing project as a nurse during the pandemic!
Kudos! Especially for keeping your sanity during those crazy times.
I haven’t gotten around to reading your fic yet but I’ll definitely do so in the future.


Thank you so much Giorgia!

Thank you so much, Dark Angel!! Art has been a bit difficult to get back into now, but I’m revisiting digital art for the first time in eight years, so getting back in touch with my skills is a WIP. I was actually out of work for 9 months of 2020, because I was doing a work visa in Vancouver, then my dad got sick, so I made the hasty journey back home to Australia eventually during the worst time, after quarantine and isolation. So writing was a great escape for me, and a way to pass the time until I got back into work again.

I love that illustration at the bottom! Great insights into how trauma has shaped Severus Snape, one of the major factors that makes his character so appealing.