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CharlotteRhea's Challenge Responses

Prompt: Severus Snape and Ron Weasley are caught having sex.
Characters/Pairings: Ron Weasley/Severus Snape
Rating/Warnings: E

This ficlet is kind of a synopsis/sneak peek for a longer story I plan to write someday. It just fit the prompt too well... 😆
This isn't beta-read, so feel free to tell me if I made any mistakes.


Nathan's body slumped to the ground unconsciously before Ron even understood what had happened.

In his defence, there was a lot of blood currently stored in neither regions of his body instead of in his brain where it would have been direly needed, so he was working under harsh conditions.

Still, it took him about three seconds before he blurted, “What the hell, Snape?!”

He was met by glinting black eyes. “You didn't ward the door?”

Oops. He felt blood rush into his cheeks – sadly draining his brain even more, as it seemed, since what he answered was, “Well, that … That still doesn't justify you stunning him!”

“Be glad I did not Avada him,” he retorted in a humming baritone and Ron couldn't help it, his cock twitched.

Bloody hell … What was he getting himself into? Snape? Really? “And what do you plan to do now?” he mumbled with a slight pant. Please say continue where we've been stopped, please! He wanted those thin lips back on his own and that throbbing bulge rubbing against his and that all of this was wrong only amplified his urge to grab Snape's lapels and draw him back close.

Certainly not a notion he'd ever expected to experience, especially not after catching him and Hermione red-handed. But he'd neither expected Hermione to simply disappear and yet she'd done exactly that.

Had taken him half a dozen of interrogations to realise that Snape really wasn't hiding her and really didn't know where she was either.

And suddenly they'd both been in the same boat, being betrayed by a woman they loved too much to just go on with their life. That he'd found the most solace and understanding in a man he loathed instead of in his friends and family should probably have been a warning to him. But instead, it had just driven him back to Snape time and time again and Snape had always let him in for reasons Ron still couldn't fathom. Maybe he hoped to find some answers with him just as much as Ron did vice versa.

But the only answer they'd got had been the assurance of Hermione's parents that she was all right, even though they didn't know where she was either. “She needs to sort some things out for herself, that's all she said.” Well, at least she'd told someone that she was going on a journey of self-discovery …

And a malicious part of Ron was interested to see what she would say when she discovered what Snape and he had been up to while she'd been Merlin knows where.

Provided Snape wouldn't bite his head off because he'd forgotten to ward the door of the supply room they'd chosen to release the tension that had been building up between them while Ron had taken the report on the vandalism Snape's store had suffered last night.

“As it seems,” the very man sneered now, “I will have to alter that guy's memory before I help you to the spanking you deserve, you bloody idiot.”

And while Snape got down to work, not missing to give him another glare, Ron bit his lip. Merlin, I hope that wasn't a joke …

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Prompt: Severus Snape and Hermione Granger have an argument.
Characters/Pairings: Severus/Hermione
Rating/Warnings: M

“Certainly not!”

“Please, Severus! I wouldn't ask you if -”

“Then don't!”

“Don't interrupt me!”

“I interrupt you as much as you deserve to be interrupted. We have a deal and this deal says that I do not have to accompany you to your silly receptions when I stop working at a sensible time. And since I haven't worked any longer than nine lately, I do – not – have to accompany you to the Ministry reception next week!” He'd come very close, virtually pushing her against the wall now, glaring down his hooked nose.

“Well, it's half past ten and you're still in the lab, so …” she dared to say, fighting her urge to pull him down and kiss him.

“Oh, you want to split hairs?”

“No. I want you to make an exception to our deal and be my plus one to the Ministry reception I have to attend next week so I don't have to go alone and give Rita Skeeter a field day, but you keep being a stubborn git.”

A caricature of a smile curved his lips. “Scared of Rita Skeeter … Isn't Minister of Magic Hermione Granger above such notions?”

“No. I am only above locking her into a jar again to get a few days without some ridiculous headlines trying to frame me as incapable – but only because as Minister of Magic I am obliged to stick to the law! Not that my predecessors heeded that oath …”

He tut-tutted at her, his body still pressed against hers. “I'm sure Kingsley would disagree.”

“Kingsley was the lucky exception. And he would never let me go to that reception alone because he knows how Skeeter is!”

“Then” he purred, stroking the tip of his nose along her cheek, “ask Kingsley.” And all of a sudden, he was gone, returned to his potion, giving her the cold shoulder while she was smouldering with desire.

Straightening her posture, she followed him. “I did ask Kingsley but he's in the States at the moment. Ron is busy with child number two, Harry with child number three – that Ginny unfortunately is involved in as well –, and my Dad isn't allowed to attend an official Ministry reception because he's a Muggle. So, my options are talking you into making an exception – or going alone and opening the doors for a myriad of ridiculous theories about why you would let me turn up alone when it is known that you are not at some conference, dooming me to deny and take up position to every single one of those theories for the next three to thirteen weeks.”

“It's not my job and not my three to thirteen weeks,” he countered off-handedly.

Hermione bristled, unnoticed by him because she was standing behind him, and decided to counter-attack. Dauntlessly, she grabbed his arse, making him flinch, and stroked her hands around his waist to the other side of his body. Pressing herself against his back and him against the table, she whispered in his ear, “But it would be you whom I'd owe a favour and you know that – while I might not be unfailing with my deals – I always return a favour.”

Severus failed at suppressing a gasp when she massaged his upper thighs and gradually inched up higher. Eventually, he grasped her hands. “Fine,” he grouched, “but I will make you regret it!”

She smirked. “I'm sure you will,” she murmured and kissed his neck before she let go of him. “Actually, I wouldn't mind you making me regret it now …” Giving him a last and – hopefully – seductive glance, she left the lab and went up into their bedroom. Nothing wrong with lighting some candles, just in case …

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Really liked this challenge response. 😸

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RE: Prompt- Severus Snape and Hermione Granger have an argument

I definitely like a future verse where Hermione Granger works at the Ministry. I wonder whether for future Snape/Hermione challenge responses you could consider more contrast between Hermione and Snape regarding their moods. Hermione is the effusive one, but it would be interesting if Snape was more sullen and withdrawn. Looking forward to more responses!

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The Gestalt PrinceNaagaCharlotteRhea

Glad you liked it! 😊

@mmlf If the prompt works to show a stronger contrast between their moods, I'll definitely show that. But a post-war Severus who is already married to Hermione probably wouldn't be that sullen and withdrawn towards her anymore - at least I hope he'd be in a better frame of mind than during the war. 😉

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