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“Heavenly” Severus/Lily - Eventual M

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I also wanted to write that Lily's surprise that Sev could be a virgin is a bit sad. I like it when they are each other's first and only partners. I don't think Sev has ever had another woman in canon.

I agree with you 100%! I love when they are each other’s first, but I wanted to give him some action where she unfortunately had James… I always imagined that he never took a woman sexually, especially after her death.

I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story! I want certain things to happen before it ends, but I am sort of writing what comes to me in the moment as a fun exercise. I am a hardcore Snily shipper, so I can assure you my intention is to build their relationship for the future and draw upon their past. What would you like to see in the story?


You have no idea how very, very glad I am that you are also for Snily! You also have similar tastes to mine (Sev is faithful to Lily until the very end). This bodes well! :)

I'm complaining about the stock. Every story must have some justification, so I understand perfectly why you keep referring to the past, which includes James (I always try to understand it, also in other stories - I try to be a conscious reader). This is necessary to create a plausible (if such a story can be written about a story taking place in the world of magic) story. Without this difficult experience, Lily and Sev would not be what they became. Life forged them in great pain, like every human being.

So don't pay attention to my complaints. I understand everything, even though I would like it to be different in their lives.

I can rest easy that you won't destroy them or make them miserable - that's what I assume if you're a Snily fan. A stone from the heart (I don't know if in English you have an idiom that means you feel relief from the nerves associated with a certain situation. In Poland it is: "stone from the heart" - by the way). The last chapter satisfies me in terms of, hmmmm... lemons. I won't deny that I enjoy reading Snily's close-up scenes. There may be more if you ask me what I would like to see. At the same time, the characters' reflections on their feelings must also be included. Please give them a happy ending too! I'm not picky, I'll take whatever you want to offer us.

Do you also write other Snily? Even if it's just a kind of literary exercise. :)


I am very encouraged by your feedback! I don’t perceive your concerns and preferences as complaints. I feel the exact same way and it helps to know what readers are looking for. Snily is my favorite, most long-lasting ship. I wrote a lot of Snily fan fiction over ten years ago around the same time the movies came out. I had one main story called Twelve Fail Safe Ways to Charm Witches, but I removed it so I could transition it into my own story for publication. I want to write a lot of original stories inspired by Snily. I want to write more fan fiction too to relax and have fun! Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews you’ve left on Ao3, I translated them to English. It’s so cool you’re from Poland! I’ve always wanted to travel there.


I'm glad you're replying. :) Thank you!

I'm sorry that I posted your comments in Polish, but thanks to this I can express myself precisely on Ao3. Translation can make the idea shallow. But it's good that there are translators. I will comment to you more. :)

It's great that you have the same preferences! I love Snily with an undying love, even though Lily disappointed Severus. However, I can't imagine that he could ever be with another woman. That's why I always read Snily with great pleasure, especially when it ends well, even though Lily didn't deserve Sev and his affection. I like reading when she confesses to him and comes to the conclusion that she hurt him. Then they make up and it's wonderful. <3

The same taste means I would enjoy any of your stories. :)

10 years already? Oh me! I discovered the world of fanfiction only about a year ago and I search for every Snily I can. So it's wonderful that you write them yourself! The more of them, the better! Oh yes, writing can bring a lot of joy - both to the creator and the reader. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Too bad you deleted your main story. Do I understand correctly, will you write them again? Where can I find your other Snily, can you send me the link?

Let me add you to my favorites on Ao3. Can I send you a friend request on this forum?

Poland is a beautiful country, we have mountains and the sea, as well as beautiful lakes (in my native Masuria). I invite you here, you certainly won't be disappointed! :) Where are you from?

Best regards once again!


Hello, sorry it’s taken me a few days to write back! I think they both did things to hurt each other and that’s something I’d like to address in my story. I haven’t yet started writing the next chapter, but I’m thinking about it and beginning to plan. I would like to write more lemons, but I want to balance it with the emotionally charged conversations. Our conversations are really inspiring me!

I know a tiny bit about Polish history. My dad sometimes travels there for work and I’d like to go with him someday. Im from a small mountain town in Utah in the US, but I grew up in Florida and will move back there when I can.

Have a great day!


I'm glad you came back! 🙂

Your idea seems interesting. Such reconciliation on both sides. Write as much as you can, I can't wait for the new part!

Nothing stops you from combining lemons and emotional considerations. 😀 I love this in fanfic! In the end, they'll both get what they're supposed to get in canon. A true, deep feeling.

Is your dad coming to Poland? How great! You must come with him sometime. 🙂 You'll definitely like it here!

Florida. It must be so beautiful and warm there. I envy you very much! Life in the U.S.A. it opens up so many opportunities, unlike in Poland.

Best regards!

Sorry for another late response, I wasn’t notified when you responded for some reason! I’ll definitely let you know when I post the next chapter. I’m so appreciative of your support!


Florida is very beautiful and extremely hot. Lots of weird bugs, poisonous snakes, and alligators!


Don't apologize, nothing happened. :)

Alligators sound really dangerous. :( But you grow oranges! 

Come to Poland in May, it's beautiful then! <3 It's not hot yet, and everything is blooming so beautifully and green. We also have little deer! <3

I'm looking forward to your next great chapters!

Yes, we do have oranges! There are orange stands everywhere. We also have sweet tea and boiled peanuts. Oh, and fried green tomatoes. I’ll have to plan a trip to Poland in May someday. It sounds beautiful!


Such oranges straight from the tree must be delicious! In Poland we have ordinary apples. :( Boiled peanuts? Sounds interesting, I've never heard of such a thing. There was once a book called "Fried Green Tomatoes", that's what it reminded me of. :) The action probably happens in your place. Oh yes, come and eat lots of dumplings, they are delicious! Or stuffed cabbage. ;P
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