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"Light of Mine" (Severus Snape/OC) MA

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Nice! And it's sth I can manage to read too as it's only 3 chapters

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Quote from Dark Angel on August 4, 2023, 1:50 pm

Nice! And it's sth I can manage to read too as it's only 3 chapters

I have a lot planned for it, and I do want to deal with some canon events, but i've beem so behind in my writing, and my main WIP comes first.

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Of course! Don't stress yourself!

It's good that you're prioritizing completing your most progressed fic. Working on too many fics at once often means none of them will be completed.

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>> N S F W <<


The energy alone was sending him mad with hunger.

She pulled him down on the bed in an embrace; their lips finding each other yet again like the pull of magnets. Hungry and savoring. The heat of her body rippled against his own, feeling goosepimples on both of their skin as he planted soft kisses trailing from her lips down to her chest and torso, with her back arching with every sensual touch. She whispered his name again - her voice was soothing to his soul and drove him further into ecstatic madness until he couldn't hold back anymore. His erection grew harder, and there was no stopping it now. It felt far too good to stop now, soon finding himself between her now-bare legs the moment Dawn ran her hands teasingly across his arms, nodding elatedly.

She whispered his name again between heated breaths, this time far more beggingly than she did before, "…Severus…Please…"

Her legs parted willingly as he pushed himself up against her warm groin and entered her. Gently, at first. This was their first and he didn't want to ruin a passionate moment between them by being careless. Once he did, her back arched slightly, feeling himself slide deeper and savoring the warmth as it devoured him. As he felt Dawn's hands rub against his body and desperately clasping the lower of his back, he moved slightly faster, and feeling every inch of himself within her. Each push forward rubbed him so sensitively, that he had to bite his lip to stop himself from crying out in sensual pleasure.

It was euphoric.

Her fingers ran circles all over him and he never wanted anything else so badly in his life.

Severus could not describe the ecstasy he felt and it was a feeling he had never experienced like this in his life. The familiarity of her body against his own felt right and it was as if he had known this woman all his life. And yet this was all he had known. He admired her beautiful form, taking in the lovingness of her gaze as she looked upon him with such adoration, sending his heart racing further. Her eyes met his and he knew those blue eyes returned were of gentle longing and compassion. Those eyes were soft, and kind, and what he had spent years searching for. Her kindness was his undoing and it so happened to be quite literally.

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...More Wine?

Synopsis: Dawn and Severus are painfully enduring an Auror gala in Paris that they were formally invited to, but as it seems, Dawn has had a little too much to drink.

Warnings: NSFW, arousal, foreplay, public setting, public sex, mentions of past alcohol addiction, lust, established couple, sensual smut, porn with plot.

Total word count: 4564K words.

NOTE: Just a one-shot I wrote of my pairing, branching out from my AU. 

+ + + +

Sneak peak -

Severus’ breath hitched again, biting his tongue as he felt a few of her fingers lightly brush over the natural bulge in his groin. The sensitive nerves from below fired a current through his body, allowing his skin to erupt in goose pimples.

No, this is not the place…If we are seen…

But she knew full well what she was doing, taunting his arousal so meticulously that no one else in the room had any idea. They were so far back within the hall and with all eyes to the front, everyone else remained unaware to the couple fondling intimately from underneath the table. Well, from Dawn’s side anyway.

She continued to brush her fingers against him, sending pulsating currents up his spine. Her touch could easily send him over the edge as if has done so multiple times since they made love on Severus’ bed that first night together. Her fingers were his undoing, and ever stroke of her fingers against his form melted every part of him.

And yet he could not pull her hand away.

Dawn – “ Severus’ voice was barely a whisper and yet she continued to stroke him as he had to stop himself from losing his mind.

But Dawn said not a word, as she found joy in triggering his most sensitive spots, enticing every subtle breath of air to escape his lips in his bid to quell his public arousal. His hips buckled slightly where he sat, squeezing his hand into a palm in order to subdue the rising moan wanting so desperately to be heard. With the continued drones of the stage voices still announcing awards and other boring speeches, Severus was losing his mind, dizzy with arousal from the woman he loved sitting so close to him.

Dawn leaned closer so that her lips were almost touching his ear, feeling puffs of breath across his skin. Her chin rested upon his shoulder and ushered the next whispered words enough to provoke him further, “I want you. Take me…please.”

“That is the wine talking.”

She shook her head, coating his dress suit with her thick curls pinned up in a half up-do. A scent of lavender from her conditioned hair brushed against his nose, drawing in yet again the sweet, flowery scent of her. A clip encrusted with tiny rubies nestled within her hair, matching her rather sleek, layered dress. One she meticulously chose for the event, with a split exposing a slender leg – one which had already started rubbing against his. Her lips now so close to his own, twitching into a delicious smirk, “Let’s get out of here.”

Severus raised an eyebrow in question and bit his lip to stifle the surge of energy from her forbidden fingertips edging so close to his tip, “You wanted to attend this event, did you not?”

“I did, but we’re in Paris. I’d rather not spend the next hour and half stuck in a hall hearing strangers boast about their victories in their speeches, “ Dawn sighed gently, seeing the woman through the wine she had already consumed, “Being here with you is all I wanted.”

His lips edged closer to hers, releasing the smallest of moans drowned out by the intermittent clapping with each speech. He could smell the sweet wine still stained on her lips and now he wanted nothing more than to taste them for himself. The one night he would ever taste alcohol again, was from the beautiful lips of his lover.


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Just adding my newest commission from @hannisimp❤️

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New chapter uploaded! CH44 now online.

Sneak peak -

…I love you.

Those words that which rendered him speechless and unable to refocus himself, as he felt so much as drunk on her love. How did those words come to her with such ease? She made it seem so easy. So effortless.

"I am grateful for your unwavering patience."

Dawn breathed in a wistful sigh, "Oh, I wish I could tell the world about us. I want to share you with the world - our world."

"I wish to savour this secrecy for a little while longer, " Severus' thumb brushed across her lips, lost within the memory of its taste, "There's a sense of a quiet victory sharing what we have without interference. I want to protect that. I don't...I don't want it to falter."

"Oh, Severus, " Dawn nuzzled her nose against his, "It will not. We are stronger together."

She loved him. It brought him a measure of reassurance, despite his inner voice trying to convince him that it was all a trick. He’d been tricked and fooled before. But he just couldn’t resist her touch. It was magic alone that anyone would ever touch him in his way, but with her, he knew it was genuine. The way her fingers caressed his hair, his skin, his scars….She was careful with him and knew when to stop when things grew noticeably uncomfortable for him.

He held her fiercely in the times they shared together in hopes that his physical acts of affection were enough to show her that he fell for her. Hard. Because any verbal displays of admitting how much she meant to him, would likely break him. He could not deal with the emotion it brought him. How could he if he’d never experienced anything like this before? If anything, he’d be afraid to say the wrong thing for fear of ruining the most precious thing in his life at that moment.

One of the most glorious things that have ever graced his life.

It seemed almost uncanny for him to admit even that, but it was the truth. Someone to love, and someone to return that love. It still felt like a dream.

When the pair finally pried themselves apart, Dawn used Severus’ shower and hastily dressed and slipped back into her roughly draped clothes over the chair by the desk. Once Severus provided her once again with a fuchsia-coloured contraceptive potion – one she downed immediately – he sadly watched as she left his company. Immediately her departure left his abode cold and empty. He wanted her back. He wanted her to stay with him. But as much as he wanted to share further moments with her, he let her go. After all, he also needed to return to the school to avoid any suspicion. So begrudgingly, he cleaned himself up, dressed himself and made his way to the school in a timely manner grateful for the holiday period. One he never usually celebrated until now.

Now, those holidays had a reason to celebrate and bask in the gratefulness of the event. Because now he had her to share it with, and no longer would he have to spend them alone, wallowing in his own misery.

The novelty of Christmas slowly died down in those upcoming days. The moments between the festivities and the upcoming new year were always a strange period of time. Rubeus always loved to take down the Christmas decorations exactly on New Year’s Day, so Severus had to deal with the remnants of Christmas cheer until then.

But he smiled to himself when no one was watching. He spent Christmas with her. Together. He had never spent Christmas in intimacy with anyone before, and strangely, the idea of having company on that day and night warmed his fractured heart.

The only year where he did not feel alone and never wanted to feel that way again.

To continue reading their journey of comradery, friendship, and love, click the link below

Light of Mine 

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New art commission by @thealesofprince on tumblr, outlining an upcoming emotional scene <3

Dawn has tears running down her face as she's tenderly consoling him, and Severus is clutching her dearly with his own eyes reddened, after waking up from a crippling nightmare again, usually from when he was mauled by Nagini. A recurring nightmare he can still feel.

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CH 45 now online!

Sneak peak -

“Severus, I’m sorry for calling you what I did before…That’s what she used to call you, right?” Dawn asked quietly but knew Severus was not about to answer. The heartbroken look of complete guilt on Severus’ face told her all she needed to know, “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know…I won’t say it again if you don’t want me to.”

Severus stopped cold, pondering her words. He didn’t want her apology – it was he who should be apologising, but he felt too pathetic to do so. He didn’t want her to feel so terrible after an innocent mistake. But since the incident, the name had twisted and turned within his mind, struggling to fathom what it all meant now. He had since let go of Lily’s memory – quite literally – but there were still things that lingered. But he had time to think about it, because never in all his life would he ever imagined anyone else so lovingly call him by that name again.

After much heavy thought upon the idea, despite the struggle, he was able to ponder its new meaning. As much of a shock as it was for Severus to hear it again, truthfully, he didn’t mind it coming from her lips. Hers meant differently and was not a painful reminder of what he did. Shame still burned for making her feel bad about it at the heat of the moment when he reacted so abruptly and harshly in front of her. It surely wasn’t the first time he had done such a thing in his life.

She deserved better. Far better.

“I will allow it…Only from you, “ He lowered his head, feeling his cheeks burn with shame again, “It was a name I thought I’d never hear again. I was…I was caught off-guard. Dawn, I am truly sorry. I left foolishly before, and you did not need that behaviour from me.”

“You have no need to apologise. I should have asked, “ Dawn bit her lip, staring at him with deep concern, “Are you sure? I don’t want to call you something you detest.”

“No, please, “ Severus breathed, squeezing his eyes shut, almost pleading in his willingness to hear her call his name, “No. From you, it sounds different. A good different.”

He opened his eyes in time to see her offering him a bright smile; eyes gleaming with utmost empathy and exuberance. He expected her to be angry and walk away, or at least be dismayed by it. Because anyone would.

But she wasn’t mad at him. And for that, he was grateful for it.

"…You're not angry at me?" He half-expected a verbal lashing, but there wasn’t one.

"Why should I be, Severus? Sev…my love. I will not love you any less."

Severus exhaled deeply in relief. A relief long since weighted down by memories that remained painful to recall.

How can one name carry so much weight? Love, and bitter old memories.

…But he’d rather it be only out of love. His wounded heart deserved that much....

Light of Mine

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New manip commission by OpalChalice ❤️

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