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"The Language of Flowers" (Lily/Severus) M

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Sorry I'm behind on posting my updates here. I'll try to be better about it. I currently just updated the story with a new chapter last night:

New chapter published!

Chapter 10: Begonia

[ Here's a sneak preview... ]

“I hope I’m not interrupting, but Professor Potter, I need to speak with you.”

Lily nodded, rising up from her chair, feeling as if she needed to be at attention. “Yes, what is it, Professor Umbridge?”

“It’s about your son.”

“What about Harry?” she asked carefully, although panic was clear in her eyes.

“He has received a week's worth of detention for continuing to speak out in my class and spreading lies to the other students.”

Lily blinked. “Surely a week’s worth of detention is a bit much…”

Umbridge’s eyes narrowed like a hawk again, but her smile tried to hide it. “I only come to inform you because usually the behavior of children starts with the parents,” She pulled out a notepad, suddenly making Lily feel as if she was being interviewed on the spot. “And you were in a coma for how long?”

All the other staff in the room were watching them.

“Eleven years…but what does this have to do with anything? Are you questioning how I raise Harry?”

There was a pause before she answered. “No, merely trying to understand where he gets his beliefs from. Now, you’re Muggle-Born , correct?”

Severus rose up from his seat, standing beside Lily, his expression blank, but his eyes piercing. “Professor Umbridge…perhaps your questions are best left for the detentions you’ve given Mr. Potter? After all, I know how much of a troublemaker he can be.”

Umbridge was eyeing them carefully before putting away her notepad, feeling better with his response. “You’re right, Professor Snape. But do know: I will have to report this to Cornelius. 

And with that, they watched her walk away. The staffroom started to come back to life with chatter, probably due to the sneer Severus was giving everyone else.

Lily glanced up at Severus, realizing he had just defended her from Umbridge, who appeared to be targeting not only her son, but her as well, especially her blood status.

“You stood up for me…” Lily said, looking taken back.

“Why wouldn’t I?” he replied nonchalantly.

Link to Chapter 10: AO3

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Sorry for annoying you, wondering when the next chapter will be released. I am very excited.

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