Snape Fan Spotlight: Dranna

For this week’s spotlight, we’ll be highlighting Dranna, talented digital artist, language/accent lover, and active member of our community here at Always Snape. Read on to learn more about Dranna, and be sure to check the note at the bottom of the post if you’d like to be featured in your own spotlight!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Anna, a 22F from Hungary. Online I prefer going by my nickname, Dranna. I’m a university student studying Jewelry and Accessory Design. It’s something I deeply enjoy and (hopefully) a future career path. I have plans to take on English Studies as well. I’ve always had a huge interest in languages, how they work/change, the connections between language families, the use of slang and accents etc.

I love spending my free time drawing, reading or doing crafts. I’m kind of a nerd who loves learning about things which are foreign to me (such as languages, accents [again haha], religions, cultures etc). I enjoy watching old movies, especially horror.

I’m pretty much an introvert who prefers to observe rather than to partake in the spotlight. I long for quiet, rainy evenings, which are perfect for reading or drawing.

How did you discover Snape? What was it that first drew you to him?

I was first introduced to the character when I was around 10 years old. It was 2009 and The Half-Blood Prince was released in Hungary for the first time. I don’t think I’d seen the previous movies, so at that time, I didn’t understand what the story was about or who Snape was. However, his mysteriousness, appearance, and sarcasm (which I love so much), captivated me.

What do you enjoy most about the Snape fandom?

Mainly the people. I’ve met so many amazing and kind individuals within the fandom. They were the first who encouraged me when I started to post my artwork on Tumblr. I love seeing all the fanworks and discussions regarding our dungeon bat.

Can you tell us more about your artwork? Which apps/programs/devices do you use to create it?

Drawing has always filled me with much joy. Because of that, I went to a secondary school of art, where I learned a little anatomy and improved my drawing skills thanks to our live models. Sadly, I had art professors there who, no matter what I did or tried differently, said I wasn’t good enough and my art was unlikely to be liked by anyone. Their main concern was that my style wasn’t anatomically precise or the perfect copy of nature. Due to that, I lost all the joy I felt before and became quite depressed. For a last attempt, I tried digital art for the first time, and here I am.

My style has gone through a huge change within the last 3 years. If I’m not mistaken, this is how long I’ve been creating digital fanart.

I use an app called Procreate on my Ipad Pro with an Apple pencil. I love how easy and comfortable it is to travel with, so I can work outside my home too.

What inspires you most when creating art, and what would you say your biggest strengths and weaknesses are as an artist?

I draw inspiration mainly from my own feelings and from different fanworks I see, like fanart and fanfiction or other fandoms I also love. Apart from these, I like scrolling through Pinterest.

I would say my biggest strengths lie in drawing portraits, hands, or doing line art in general. I can spend hours detailing the face and hands just to erase everything and start all over. I started experimenting with line art roughly a year ago. Over time, it became my favourite thing to do in drawing.

As for weaknesses, I struggle a lot with colours. Finding, matching, mixing the right combinations takes up most of my illustrating time. Sometimes I abandon sketches for a period of time because I can’t find the right shades. Another thing I find difficult is drawing legs, feet, and shoes. It doesn’t matter how many times I try to do them, I simply can’t comprehend how they work.

Out of all the artwork you’ve created, what are your three favorite pieces? Can you share them with us?

Ahhh, this is a difficult question, but I would say these 3 I created in the last year or so:

How can other fans connect with you?


Snapedom Tumblr:

Vampire, Poto, Hannibal Tumblr:


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Dranna a great artist and a special friend ❤️❤️ I am glad you continued with your art and did not listen to the words of your professore❤️ your style is extraordinary precisely because it is unique.

Well your professor was quite wrong and i personally see it as unprofessional to be so discouraging when evaluating a student’s work. Your art style is unique and practice makes perfect. Besides, not all art has to be realistic, that’s such an old fashioned view.

I also love how open-minded you are and want to learn about foreign languages and cultures. The world needs more of your kind.